Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let it go before it kills you

There is one group of people who will always hate Michael Vick and who will never stop vilifying him no matter what he does and that group of people is made up of primarily white women.  Not all white women are in that group but the group is made up of mainly white women.

Never mind the fact that Vick admitted his guilt, took his punishment, did his time in federal prison, paid his fines, and to this day donates time and money to animal welfare organizations.  It's still not good enough for the white gals who hate him.  They cling to their hatred of him like it's a precious thing that's not to be let go of no matter what.  They use any and every opportunity no matter who slight or small to remind you that they hate Vick.  And they get indignant when you don't join them in their hatred, they look at you like you're some kind of animal cruelty enabler who is just waiting for them to turn their heads so you can kick a dog, stage a cockfight, or skin a cat.

The sad thing about all this is that it's no longer really about Michael Vick and his role in staging dog fights.  It's not about his cruelty to animals which he's paid dearly for and for which he is still making amends for.  Nope.  What it's about it how some people cling to hate and nurture it like it's a seedling that will grow up one day and finally give Vick his just and true punishment, whatever that is.  I had one white woman admit to me on Facebook that in her eyes there was no punishment that would ever be enough for her, she wanted to see Vick suffer for all of eternity for what he did.  Another demanded I give her proof  of what Vick is doing to help animals now and this is a direct quote, "And please don't give me a link to explain."  So what she wanted was proof but not proof she actually had to go and read for herself because dang it, all that reading would take away from her precious Vick hate time.

Dog fighting is horrible.  Animal abuse is horrible.  I deplore it.  I am a dog person, I don't hate cats, I just can't have one because their dander dries my eyes out and makes me miserable.  So I like dogs.  They're loyal, they love you unconditionally, and you can blame them for the fart smells.  I hated what Vick and his pals did.  I hate anyone who stages and profits off of dog fights and now it's a federal crime to attend a dog fight, which is a good thing to come from the Vick case, so I'm not in any way condoning what Vick did.  Period.  What I am saying is Vick did the crime, he did the time.  He paid the fine and he's walking the line.  For anyone to still hate him and want to deny him a second or third chance at life is shitty, petty, and hateful.  It's not about your love of animals, it's about your hatred of a man, and yes, in some cases it's because he's black.

If you happen to read this blog and you're one of those people who will never let your hated of Michael Vick go, then please stop reading this blog right away and don't bother commenting because your hateful comments won't ever see the light of day.

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