Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movie reports

 A young couple find a teapot that dispenses money every time someone gets hurt.  Much pain ensues.  Clever, though somewhat racist film, the teapot has a star of David on it and was mainly in Jewish hands throughout it's history, that's pretty well carried out.  I quite liked Juno Temple in this one.
 Words cannot express how much I love the concept behind the story of this film.  A situationist 'game' is hatched in the San Francisco/Oakland area and thousands of people get caught up in it.  Some take it too seriously, and some refuse to admit it's over when it ends, but every one who 'plays' it is hooked.  It's brilliant.  The film about it drags a it but overall it's fascinating.

Sorry, I can't be objective about Jennifer Lawrence.  I have such a huge crush on her, I'd love her in anything.  I loved the parts of the film she was in but the others not so much.  I haven't read the books  this series is based on, and won't ever, so I don't know if they did a good job in adapting them, but I know they did a great job in casting Ms. Lawrence.  Bottom line on this one is it's pretty good and very exciting, although it does remind me a lot of the Japanese film Battle Royale which came out in 2000.


Nan said...

I did read the Hunger Games trilogy, and the film is a decent adaptation of the first book. I didn't expect to like the movie but was pleasantly surprised.

Donald Sutherland has definitely became the go to guy for evil old fart, hasn't he? I don't recall him playing a good guy role since he was Merrick in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" over 20 years ago.

gmb said...

He may be the go to guy for the evil old fart role, but in real life he's a prince. He hopes the Hunger Games movies put a fire under the ass of young people and get them to react against big brother.