Monday, May 26, 2014

How to tell if you're a disgusting little shit stain of a human being

  • If you gun down innocent people because you're ashamed of the fact you're 22 and haven't had sex or even kissed a female yet, then you're a pathetic disgusting little shit stain of a human being.  And really, it's not that hard to get woman to have sex with you.  You could have gone the traditional route of being patient, which entails being a nice guy, befriending women, listening to them, making them laugh, proving to them you're trustworthy and a decent guy who isn't out to fuck them and then fuck them over.  Or you could have gone to a legal brothel in Nevada and gotten laid that way.  But little shit stains don't do that shit, they think they're above that and that women with supermodel good looks are just going to drop their panties and let little punks with guns and a huge sense of entitlement fuck them whenever they feel like it. 
  • If you go on Fox or any other 'news' outlet and claim that a lonely little wuss who never got laid or kissed a girl and was mad enough about it to kill others over it and claim that he did it because he was afraid he might be gay and therefore the fault with this latest mass shooting rampage lies with the gay movement for being proud and out of the closet, then you're a shit stain on the underwear of humanity.
  • If you have to constantly stick up for men by claiming that 'all men' aren't like that little boy who is behind the UCSB shootings, then you're a fucking idiot shit stain on the brain of humanity.  NO ONE is saying that all men are like him.  NO ONE is accusing you of being like him.  What women are saying, and rightly so I might add, is the people who do this type of crazy rage fueled murdering bullshit are always men.  

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Professor Chaos said...

Worse is some of the commenters on his YouTube rant saying shit like "that'll teach these women to be nice to us" or otherwise saying that they got what they deserved. Beyond depicable.