Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The stupid, it burns

A deeply closeted Washington lobbyist has drafted a bill that would ban gay men from playing in the NFL.  No, really.

The dude is concerned that all the NFL players are going to turn gay if they have to shower with a gay dude.  Think about that, one out gay man on an NFL team is going to turn his whole team into cock gobbling maniacs who then forget all about how to play football and only concentrate on getting more cock and sweet sweet hairy man ass, which in turn will turn Sunday afternoons, Monday, and Thursday nights into massive gay sex orgies.

That gay agenda, it's pretty fucking powerful.

For years they stereotyped gay men as limp wristed mincing guys who dressed in drag and spoke in falsetto voices.  They assured us that gay dudes weren't 'man' enough to play football, much less NFL football.  So now that Michael Sam is out of the closet and will probably get drafted, they want to make it so gay dudes can't play football, not even NFL football.  And remember, the NFL takes all kinds of wife beaters, murderers, liars, gamblers, drug addicts, and Christians.  So adding a gay player to the mix is just intolerable I guess.  Never mind the fact that gay guys have played in the NFL since it's inception, they just weren't out about it.

Honestly, how deep is their hatred for gay men in this country?  What new law or rule can they pass to ostracize them?  Is there no humiliation that they won't try to foist on them?  This lobbyist and all the virulently anti gay Christians need to just accept who they are and come out of the closet, they'd be much happier if they did.


Nan said...

Saw a news item saying the lobbyist has an openly gay sibling. Seems like the man has picked a very public arena to play out some nasty dysfunctional family issues, doesn't it?

gmb said...

In fairness, gay men are very powerful. And Nan, I hope the lobbyist/asshole's brother gets him for the secret santa gift this year.