Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why do you support the 'Turn Away the Gays' bill in Arizona?

 "I support it because I look horrible in flannel, I can't play softball, and I like penises."

 "I support it because Jesus told me to.  He also told me to murder my family and to dance naked over their bloody corpses, in other words, he hasn't steered me wrong yet."

 "I support it, yes I do.  I support it, how 'bout you?"

 "I'm in favor of it because my minister told me that if I make a cake for a gay wedding then I will turn gay too.  And then where would I be?  I'd have to start buying nicer clothes, working out, and auditioning for community theater musicals.  So fuck that shit."

 "I support it because some guy at the gloryhole told me it was okay to do so."  

 "Because of what Alec Baldwin said and because it pisses off that piece of shit Perez Hilton."

"Horses are pretty."


gmb said...

You are fabulous.

Zarathustra said...

Christians..... STFU!!!!