Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sometimes the apple falls pretty far from the tree

One of Michael Sam's father's first thoughts after hearing his son was gay was, "I don't want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment." Really?  Really dude?

You don't want the hypothetical grandkids you don't even have yet to be raised in an honest truthful loving environment where child molestation rates are near zero percent?  You don't want your grandkids raised by people who work hard, are honest, and who achieve things in life?  You'd rather they get raised by some Christians who use their bible as an excuse to whip and beat kids?  You'd rather a meth addict raise them?

Fuck you old man.  You're so far behind the times it's 1800 inside your tiny head.  You still think all gay men mince about in women's clothes while shrieking in a screechy falsetto.  You imagine them with a limp wrist and and dressed in frilly nightgowns.  You probably think they all secretly want to be women and that they exist so closeted  Neanderthal assholes like you can have something to beat up when they want to get a boner or to feel manly when your wife emasculates you.

Study after study has shown kids raised by gay couples do better in school, are more well adjusted than those raised by single parents, and they face around zero percent of sexual and physical abuse.  But stupid old people who hate gays ignore all that because your old worn out disproved stereotypes MUST be true or else why would you and your buddies still believe them?

Go fuck yourself you idiot.  You don't deserve the kids you have left much less a grandkid from one of them.  You're an old bigot who knows nothing and who I hope gets nothing if and when your son Michael signs a multi million dollar NFL contract.  Too bad your son had to be raised in the shitty environment you provided him, you remember the one old man, the one where one of your sons got shot and killed, another son went missing, and two of your other sons were in and out of prison all their lives and both are now currently incarcerated.  Yeah, I'd never want any kid raised in THAT kind of environment because face it old man, you're a fucking shit parent who'd be god damn lucky to have his grandkids raised by a confident proud out gay man and his partner.

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