Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kings, queens, legends, and the voice of an angel

That beauty in the above photo is Heather Dale.  Ms. Dale is a Canadian performer who writes and sings songs based on medieval legends and other tales.  She's a terrific singer with an angelic voice and her songs are moving and inspiring.  I can't say enough good things about this gal.

I discovered her through the music service called Freegal, which is available through most libraries, but if yours doesn't have it, ask for it.  I downloaded about 10 of her songs and I was so captivated by her music and her voice that I bought more off her website.  She was kind enough to 'friend' me on Facebook and since then she's been super nice and a pleasure to know, even if only digitally.

I doubt she'll make to east TN where I live, although she will be in Nashville, which is about five hours west of me, in March.  She's also working on crowd funding a multi media touring project and you can read more about it on her website.  But if you're not inclined to go there now, here she is talking about her project:

I'm going to kick in a few bucks in a week or so because I think it's a worthy project and I was one of those nerdy kids she talks about in this video.  I grew up in a small town and I thought I'd never meet anyone who was into the 'nerdy' stuff I liked, sci fi, fantasy, medieval and other historical stuff.  As time went on I did find others and I'm glad I did.  I'm also glad Ms. Dale is out there bringing her talent to the masses and trying to connect with other 'nerds' like me.

I also like it that she likes pie and that she's the most adorable Canadian since Sarah Polley.  Do yourself a favor, check her out and if you can donate five or ten bucks to her project, then have at it.  You can also hear more of her music on You Tube.

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gmb said...

Cool. I'm definitely going to check her out.