Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Talk (a white guy to black folks edition)

I'm a nearly 50 year old white guy who's lived in the north and the south and here's what I can tell African Americans about us white folks:

  • Don't trust us white people, especially white men, especially white men  who claim they speak for a god.  We lie all the time and we'll do just about anything to get what we want.  One look at history will tell you that. 
  • If you have something we want, we'll find a way to steal it.  We stole the land from the Native Americans and then we stole your ancestors from Africa to work it for us, and we did all that so we could have time to enact laws and shape religions that allowed us to steal more stuff from you.
  • We'll do anything to stay on top.  Literally.  We'll start wars so we can ship off soldiers of color so they won't be a problem here at home, we'll convince poor and working poor white folks that you're to blame and not the crooked system we set up to keep you down.  We'll flood your neighborhoods with liquor stores and cheap drugs so you'll stay sedated and leave us alone.  We'll invest heavily in sports and music and allow a few of your people to achieve in those areas so that millions of other black folks will dream that they can succeed there too, which of course they won't.
  • Your lives mean nothing to us but we want you to keep making babies so we can have someone to do our dirty work, someone to fight our wars, and someone to entertain us from time to time.
  • If we have to pit you against other minorities in order to keep you down, we will.  
  • We control the legal system, the major religions, and the media.  And we'll use all three if need be to keep you in line. 
  • Even though we go to great lengths to keep you down, many of us either want to be like you or to have sex with you.
  • If you want things to change and to make the USA, or wherever you live, because seriously, racism is every where, then you have to stop obeying.  
  •  Stop believing the lies the corporate media tells you, especially the ones that says if you work hard enough, you'll become rich.  
  • Start grabbing every government benefit you can, because honestly, that's how rich white people got so rich, Ross Perot, Mitt Romney, Bill Gates, and Wall Street fat cats, they all took advantage of government contracts, tax laws, and loopholes to make their money.  You're not going to get wealthy off businesses that make things for or cater to people who have little or no money, the real money is in the government, especially the Defense department. 


mbarnato said...

Great rebuttal to that noxious Derbyshire, Dr M. These are topics not much in the popular discourse; they're mountains and although right before our eyes, we try to ignore them. We'd much rather concentrate on making the molehills into mountains and hoodies into the problem.

Montag said...

Very cool, I think; very cool.

Mnmom said...

We white people are a feckin piece of work, aren't we? When will we learn?

intelliwench said...

I don't believe in an afterlife, but if I did, I would want to see Rush Limbaugh made to recite these lines in perpetuity.

gmb said...

Excellent, Dr. Monkey.