Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How's that austerity budget working out for Greece?

 "I'm with a debtor bank that gets paid by the IMF, so it's working out great for me."

 "I'm no fan of Greece or Greeks, so all the wailing and gnashing of teeth is music to my ears.  Suck it you Hellenic cry babies."

 "Just so we understand each other, we're not talking about anal sex here are we?"

 "I just bought three Greek islands, a truck load of classical Greek statues, and half of the Acropolis, so it's working out great for me.  I am 100 percent behind this austerity stuff for the Greeks."
"I used to have job and house to live in.  It was nice house.  Family used to be happy and productive.  Now with austerity from government, we have nothing.  We live in our car and must depend on the kindness of monkeys for our meals.  My country gave you art, beauty, literature, democracy, and you give us capitalism that kills us.  Also, I have to give monkey a hand job so he won't bite us or fling his poo at car, thanks, thanks for nothing IMF, World Bank, Europe, and Germany."

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