Monday, April 9, 2012

TV series review

We first watched this winning slice of life comedy back a few years ago.  It's about a guy from London who meets and falls in love with a gal from Wales.  Their friends and family move in and out of their lives as they navigate getting engaged, getting married, and then the trials of trying to have a baby.  We share their ups, downs, and the foibles of their quirky friends and family.  It's a double fish out of water comedy that is immensely fun and entertaining.  We laughed out loud during every episode of the show.

The only problem was they never aired series 2 of it over here in the USA and they never released it on DVD.  BBC America did show series 3 but they didn't release it on DVD.  And we never got to see the mandatory Christmas episode, all successful BBC shows do an hour long Christmas episode.  So we saw series 1, have the DVD which means we've watched it multiple times, never saw series2, and saw series 3 once.  But all that changed when I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime via our Roku.  While looking at the shows we could watch for free for a month I noticed that they were offering Gavin and Stacey 2, the Christmas special, and the third series for unlimited streaming.  Well quicker than President Obama can sell out his progressive base, we began to watch all the ones we'd missed and or seen only once.

And we loved them.    Ruth Jones and James Corden, who star in and wrote the show, are fantastic.  They're just the type of people who would never be allowed to star in or write comedies like this for US television.  Rob Brydon as the awkward Uncle Bryn steals every scene he's in.  Julia Davis and Adrian Scarborough are divine as the long time married couple who are either desperately in love or having the most vicious fights ever.  Margaret John as the elderly sexpot Doris is a hoot.  And the leads Joanna Page and Matthew Horne are cute and winning.

The two other series are as well written and acted as the first one is.  I highly recommend this show.  It's exactly the kind of show that would never ever get made or appear on US television and it's the kind that the BBC does so well.  It's a crying shame they never released all of it over here on DVD but it's available on Amazon Prime for you to watch on your computer or other streaming device. 

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Well quicker than President Obama can sell out his progressive base...

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