Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here's a word or two from Kirk Cameron

Hello friends and Christians.

These are strange and troubling times we live in. Our civilization is being torn apart by the gays, the media, and the Darwinists. Gone are the days when you and I and other Christians could say the most hateful things and get away with it. These days when say the gays are destroying our civilization the gay Darwinists in the media jump all over you and they use their freedom of speech to trample my and your freedom of religion. They don't report that I said what I said out of love, they just report the hateful things I said and leave it at that. And they don't even try to save your souls like I do.

The media doesn't report that before we let gays out of the closet to prance and mince around and do things besides fix women's hair and sing in musical theatre everything was fine. You never heard of gays doing stuff before the 1950's, so that means they didn't exist. Go on, read stuff and watch movies from before the gays came out and you'll see that they didn't appear in movies, books, and plays. I can't find them when I look, so they must not be there. But now that we let them out of the closet they're every where and they demand we treat them with dignity and respect. Of all the nerve! Where do they get off telling me what to do? I'm a right wing Jesus lover so only the Bible and maybe a Republican president tells me what to do. No girly limp wristed dude is going to tell me I have to validate his lifestyle choice.

And you know what? I'm not the only one who thinks this way. One of those Baldwin brothers agrees with me, so there. Me and him, I think his name is Sven Baldwin, both think that it's fine to say whatever we like about how gays are ruining our country because we say it out of love. You can say anything you like as long as you say it out of Christian love. So y'all got to know that when I say that homos are messing up my freedom to condemn them they're going to hell for it, I say it out of love. I love gays but only if they stop being gay, get married, become a Christian like me and Sven Baldwin are, and if they stop saying bad stuff about Chik Fil A, because holy crap, I love me some Bible, Jesus, and Chik Fil A. And Willie Ames Bibleman character.

You gay media evolutionists need to step off of my freedom of speech and stop saying I hate gays because of how they're ruining our civilization. Stop quoting me. I get to say what ever I like and if you don't listen then you're stifling my freedom of speech and religion and I'll sue you for that shit.



Sausage Fingers said...

What a twit, he should have been "left behind." in the 80's.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He wears that and yet claims he's not gay?

Daddyo said...

I am a certified hetrosexual male, but after seeing this picture, and the one of Patricia Heaton from the last post, I am seriously considering switching teams.

Professor Chaos said...

Dear Kirk,
Let me just say this out of love for you:
Shut your stupid ignorant yap before any more bullshit falls out of it. I'm only saying this out of love for you, Kirk.
Also, fuck you.

Zarathustra said...

A few words from Kook Cameron.... "Yes, I'm an asshole"....