Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just go away

  • Bill Maher, go the fuck away. Stop saying the fat drug addict apologized to Ms. Fluke. He didn't. He never said he was sorry for calling her a slut and a whore. He said he was sorry for the words he chose, not the words he used. And if you think I'm splitting semantic hairs, you're a pot addled idiot. Just go the fuck away you smarmy creepy letch. And the next time you feel like giving a million dollars away, how about you give it to an organization like Doctors Without Borders or Partners in Health, oooh, even better, go to a shitty underfunded inner city school out in LA and buy them some books, musical instruments, and science lab equipment. Those kinds of folks need money more than Obama does.
  • Post menopausal women who are criticizing Sandra Fluke, go the fuck away. Go the fuck away ASAP if any of you who are criticizing her also had pre marital sex, sex inside your marriage that didn't result in child birth, or extra marital sex because you did the same thing Ms. Fluke and her contemporaries are doing, taking the birth control pill.
  • People who claim this birth control mandate is a violation of their religious freedom, go the fuck away. You're all too chicken shit to admit that what this is really about is your fear of women having sex and enjoying it. Go the fuck away you hypocrites.
  • Lisa Murkowski and other female legislators who voted for the Blunt amendment but now regret it, go the fuck away. Sorry ladies, you can't have it both ways, either you support your fellow females or you don't. You fucking voted for the amendment and now you feel bad about it? Good, you fucking well should. Your vote was a giant step back for women and you ought to lose your ovaries for that kind of shit. Just take your dried up lady parts and go the fuck away.
  • Legislators who are chipping away at our right to protest, go the fuck away. You bastards are supposed to be our servants, not our masters. You rigged the system to keep yourselves in office but I'm here to remind you politics is cyclical, you'll be out one day. You and your ilk can't go away fast enough for my tastes.
  • Republicans who insist that Jesus would be against equal treatment for gay, lesbian, transgendered people, treating immigrants with dignity and respect, and single payer national health insurance for all, go the fuck away. You people obviously haven't read your Bibles. Jesus told us to love and take care of one another, he didn't say that we're supposed to be hateful assholes who use his words as a weapon. And stop using the gospels to justify your greed you greedy twisted fuckers.
  • Ron Paul-bots, go the fuck away and take all the tea baggers with you. Ron Paul will never win the Republican nomination, much less the presidency. He's a huckster and a con man, he's taking your money and doing fuck knows what with it. And since you're dumb enough to believe that people will elect him POTUS and since you're dumb enough to keep giving him your hard earned money so he can waste it, you deserve all the scorn and derision I can heap on you idiots.

All of you, go away, go to South Carolina or South Dakota or some other hell hole and stay there while we build a wall around what ever one state you settle in so you can't mix with the rest of us ever again. Seriously. GO THE FUCK AWAY.


Life As I Know It Now said...

Yes, and the faster they go the fuck away, the better.

jadedj said...

They're still here.

Kim Hambric said...


I'm ever hopeful that they will all go to Texahoma. Texas and Oklahoma should become a separate country. They've already begun a wall in Texas so they should keep going. Damn, what a nasty country that would be. Full of scorpions and angry white men.

Jim said...

Well said Dr. Monkey.
America would be MUCH BETTER without these types spewing their ignorance around for the less informed to hear and adhere to.

Professor Chaos said...

I saw a headline that said Bill Maher defends Limbaugh, I assumed it was on 1st amendment grounds, like "I despise what you say but will defend your right to say it." But, no maher is even a bigger douche than I thought.

Anonymous said...

To all this I say: WORD.