Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Patricia Heaton tweets about other controversies

The Manson family murders: Not so soft on crime now r u Sharon Tate?

Martin Luther King's march on Washington: Hey MLK, I have a dream 2. In my dream you quit whining and get a job.

Civil rights struggle: Yo, black folks, stop looking for special treatment. Be glad with what u got!!

Women's suffrage: Susan B Anthony, shut yer mouth. Women get 2 vote thru their hubbies!

Getting into World War 1: We not attacked Woody Wilson, why go 2 war? Germany is our friend dang it.

Haymarket riots: Union thugs go to any lengths to secure dues paying dupes. They start riots when they don't get their way.

Outbreak of the Civil War: States rights need 2 b respected. Let white male voters decide slavery issue, not big government in DC.

Outbreak of the Revolutionary War: Why so mad with Mother England? Let's go to war with French instead.

Galileo's troubles with the Catholic church: Stupid 'scientist' says he knows more than Pope and church. HA!

Climbing out of the primordial ooze and beginning to evolve: Why leave safety of ooze? Evolution is 4 the birds & monkeys.

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Professor Chaos said...

hahaha!! Perfect. Although I may have to sue you if I can't get that heaton-in-a-bikin image out of my head.