Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three dicks and a dolt

  • Congrats Andy Bitemart, you got one. You can hang Weiner's penis on your belt of liberal scalps. And then you can pet it, stroke it, and fondle it to your hearts content.
  • Well done Weiner. You gave that idiot Bitemart some journalistic cred. The same rules that apply to hypocritical Republicans also apply to you. Get caught and you pay the price. What you did before you got married is none of my business, but what you did after you got hitched while in office, well that's just fucking dumb and you deserve any repercussions that happen. Fucking idiot.
  • John Edwards, you're an even bigger idiot than Weiner. You think you're too smart or too good to go to jail for breaking the law. You're not. You may actually beat the rap on this indictment but you'll always be guilty in the court of public opinion. You're finished. Toast. No one gives a shit what you say or do anymore. You make me ashamed that I supported you. And you defame your dead wife with every breath you take you piece of shit. I'd like to meet you face to face someday so I could bitch slap you, you disgusting piece of shit. Oh, and the whore you had a kid with, she's a disgusting piece of shit too. You deserve each other.
  • Quitter Palin refuses to admit she flubbed her history. You know what? I don't expect her to know history, after all she kept changing colleges and then she had all those kids to raise while she prayed for Jesus to come back so he could smite the gays. So, heck fire, she just didn't have time to learn that Paul Revere wasn't warning the British or ringing bells. But what I do expect from her, although why I expect it is beyond me since she's proven that she won't ever ever EVER do the right thing, is to admit she got her history wrong and to move on. In her world asking her the time of day is a 'gotcha' question and to admit you got a fact wrong is a sign of weakness that willfully ignorant people can't allow. If she did allow herself that she got something wrong then her followers would tear her apart. She'd no longer be the alpha bitch and she and her coterie of crazy coots can't have that.


Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

Great Palin comment!

Anonymous said...

I don't get politicians like Weiner, Edwards, and Spitzer. If you're trying to set the world on fire by going after the assholes, why in the world would you basically put your head in the guillotine and wait for them to pull the lever? Idiots.

gmb said...

Hear, hear.
By the way, Michelle Bachmann hired that monster Ed Rollins (he alleged that he paid off black ministers in NJ to keep congregants away form the polls when he worked for Christie Whitman) to be her campaign manager and he came out swinging after Palin. Girlfight! Excellent.
And yeah, Weiner sucks for being stupid and giving Breitbart undeserved cred. Maybe the left should focus on outing these media "personalities" first, then go after the politicians?

Lsamsa said...

I'm so angry with Anthony Weiner that I could spit.
Throwing away a brilliant career as one of the few liberals standing up to the rethug/wingnut party, for a stroke to your ego...that is unbelievablly stupid & irresponsible.
I can't imagine how his wife feels.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I raise my glass to you (just yesterday I posted a blog entry about Weiner)!