Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beside the point

You're a naive babe in the woods if you think our government isn't behind the 'sex crimes' that the Swedish government is trying to hang Julian Assange with. Our government is beside itself with anger that their dirty little secrets are being leaked and since they can't go after everybody who has had a hand in this case, their going after the head of the organization, Assange.

Let's break down what they're accusing Assange of:

  • having consensual sex with a woman without using a condom.
That's it. Crazy huh. Kind of hard to imagine an Australian guy fucking a Swedish woman and not using a condom huh. Yeah, I just boggles the mind doesn't it. You know what? I've had consensual sex with out using a condom many many times. So I guess I should be packed off to San Quentin or Folsom prison any time now. Oh wait, no I won't because screwing a woman who agreed to screw me even though I didn't wear a condom isn't a crime.

So what they want to do is to label Assange a threat, even though none of the cables he leaked put any lives in danger. And they want to label him as a pervert or a sex criminal to get women against him. And our government is behind this because they don't want us peons and worker drones knowing anything that goes on at the highest levels of state. They want their high handed treatment of our so called allies to go unnoticed. They want their contempt of us and the rest of the world concealed. They want to continue to go on running things without any of us challenging them or trying to make them accountable. They say they want truth but they only want their version of it to be consumed by us. They desperately want us to not notice that a Democratic administration is not very different a Republican administration when it comes to treating people like shit and acting on the national and international with nothing but contempt for the rule of law and the laws of other countries, it's corporations uber alles all the time.

They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant, but they want to keep their dealings dirty and under cover of the darkness by silencing Wikileaks. No corporate media outlet was going to give us the story, except for maybe Democracy Now!, so Wikileaks stepped in to fill the void. And that pisses off our military prison media industrial complex and they'll stop at nothing to silence Assange and his crew. Mark my words, they'll try to make a criminal out of anyone who supports Wikileaks or who has read anything they put out. And that suppression will go hand in hand with the new McCarthyism that Steve King and Michelle Bachman and the cast of FOX Noise will try to institute come next year when the Republicans take over the House of Representatives.

They're bringing back the 1950's all right, the worst parts of it that is.

Assange is a hero and Wikileaks is a treasure trove of the truth...FREE JULIAN!


Sleestak said...

Reading an article about the time line of the two complainants, especially considering what they were trying to erase from their tweets and websites doesn't look good for them. I'm sure the defense will use that to help Assange.

gmb said...

If the Nobel committee has any integrity (doubtful after the blowjob they gave Obama last year), they would give the peace prize to Assange. Because the work Wikileaks does might scare some government sociopath into minding his or her manners for fear that some decent person might send proof of their crimes to Wikileaks.

libhom said...

I'm boycotting Ikea this holiday season because it is the only way I can think of to fight back against what the Swedish government is doing.

I'm also cutting back on the use of my credit cards to fight back against Master Card and Visa for cutting off payments to Wikileaks.

Lsamsa said...

Thankfully someone is trying to shine a little light on the crap that governments & corporations are immersed in. Crap that many of us 'know' goes on but don't have the details.