Monday, August 30, 2010

I always knew she was a winner

Congratulations to my original adopted actor Archie Panjabi!
Archie won an Emmy for her work in the TV show The Good Wife. I don't watch that show but I know Archie's work and I'm sure she deserved that Emmy more than those cows who got nominated alongside her.

Well done Archie. I've always known you were a winner and were head and shoulders above the rest. Could you do me one favor Archie?Please stop telling everyone that that baby is ours. I'm flattered believe me, but seriously, if that baby were mine, he'd have a lot more hair. Kiss kiss!

Here's Archie's acceptance speech in which she forgot to thank me for adopting her. Oh well, I guess she had a lot on her mind right then.


Wings said...

Definitely well deserved!

Elizabeth said...

She's an absolute knockout (in general and) in the show. It's worth watching just for her!

Lockwood said...

Here's a profile piece from the Guardian I think you'll enjoy: