Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Guy Who Loves Depleted Uranium,

Dude, seriously, stop emailing me. I checked my spam folder and there your email response to my final email to you was. I told you that all your emails after that initial email to me will go straight into my spam folder where it will reside next to emails from Nigerian crooks, penis cream sales pitches, and other crap from nuts like you. If you think I'm actually going to read any more of your pro depleted uranium screeds than sir, you are a doofus.

If you love depleted uranium so much, I encourage you to go to the areas of Afghanistan and Iraq where our military has used it in record amounts. I encourage you to live amongst those people who's lives will now be full of cancer and disease as a result of our use of depleted uranium on their homes and neighborhoods. I also encourage you to get a depleted uranium enema every week and to drink depleted uranium laced beverages from now on. It's all perfectly safe according to you, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Dude, the first thing a paid shill for the depleted uranium interests would do is claim to not a be a paid shill for them. And your insistence that anyone who speaks out on the dangers of depleted uranium is a 'con man' is a crock of shit. They must have you and your bosses pretty worried that people will be finding out the real facts behind your awful munitions, or you wouldn't be out engaging in character assassination and hiding behind emails and leaving comments on blog posts that are years old.

And finally Mr. Depleted Uranium Lover, you're no longer allowed the privilege of leaving any comments on my blog. You violated my comment policy and for that you are banned forever. I'll delete your comments as soon as I see them. Of course you'll do what you did before and leave comments on posts that are years old and by doing so you'll sure show me a thing or two. I can just see you clapping your hands with glee as you leave your hateful pigheaded rants on my old posts secure in the knowledge that you 'got one over on me.' Dude, if that's all you got, then I'll let that slide, but understand any comment you leave me will be deleted as soon as I see it.

Now, if you need some help getting the cash to move to Afghanistan or Iraq, let me know and I'll hold a fund raiser here for you. Okay asshole?

Dr. Monkey


libhom said...


I have a British Petroleum PR troll who comments anonymously every time I post about that corporation. I don't publish the comments, though.

Bustednuckles said...

That fucking shit is going to wind up on the West Coast after it gets picked up by the Jet Stream.
It is already being blown into China.
That guy is a serious asshole.
So is the motherfucker that came up with that for a weapon.