Friday, May 14, 2010

Here I come to save the day

They're at it again. Those wacky Republicans are making noises about privatizing Social Security once again. They want to do this, and gut Medicare as well, in the name of balancing the budget and saving the two most popular government programs that the Democrats ever invented and passed with little to no Republican or conservative help.
Remember when Bush Jr. said he wanted to make privatizing Social Security in order to save it the centerpiece of his second term? If he had gotten away with it the whole system would have been in shambles after the Wall Street meltdown of 2008. Senior citizens wold have been destitute and all the money people have paid in to the system would be in some Wall Street traders bank account today. Thank heavens he was stopped.

You know what though? There is an easy way to fix the current system and it's so simple that when I tell you how it can be done you'll slap your forehead and say, "God damn, is it really that easy?"

The way to fix the system is simple and it can be done in one fell swoop. We simply begin making everyone pay Social Security tax, Medicare tax as well, and while we're at it Medicaid tax too, on 100 percent of their income and not just the first $90,000 or $100, 000 or whatever absurdly low amount it is now. The way the current system works is if you make $15 million or $150,000 or $35,000 you only pay Social security tax on the first $90,000 or $100k that you make and everything after that you don't pay squat on. So millionaires only pay a small percentage of their income in Social security tax compared to someone making under $100K. If we make everyone pay the tax on 100% of their income the system will be flush with cash in perpetuity. Problem solved.

Of course the rich who will be affected by this will hire lobbyists who will give the lawmakers lots of cash to use in their re-elections so our Congress men and women will of course oppose my idea. They'll say, "The rich need that money to start new businesses which will employ people who will pay into the system! If you make them pay their fair share they'll get mad and stop starting new businesses and they'll stop earning money which will bankrupt the system! We've got to cut their taxes, yeah that's it! We've got to make their tax burden lighter so they'll do more for us." And to them I'd say, "You're fucking nuts. I'm still waiting to see the Bush era tax cuts create one single job. I'm waiting to see if those Bush era tax cuts will rebuild our crumbling schools. And while I'm at it, I'm still waiting to get trickled down on from all those tax cuts St. Ronnie foisted on us."

Make everyone pay Social Security tax on 100% of their income and see if that doesn't fix everything. Try it and if it doesn't work I'll blow Rush Limbaugh on Fox News while Ann Coulter hits my nut sack with a riding crop.


Ricky Shambles said...

I'll double down on your wager and - should it be applied and fail - offer to deliver Michelle Malkin to heaven with a skilled "shocker" while simultaneously polishing the chrome off Glenn Beck's knob.

jusfergrins said...

I say do it! It's win win either way!

gmb said...

And if they killed the cap, they can lower the rate imposed on workers and employers. Yes, a boon to small and large employers (assuming they don't horribly overpay the executive class and lose the benefit there).

ReaderRita said...

Sanity. Yes!
(they only PAY on the first $100,00, but you can bet your sweet ass that they collect ALL OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY they possibly can when they're retired. The MAXIMUM. Even if it's only enough to fund the floral arrangements in their summer house...)