Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hey Charter

I know what you guys are up to. You've slowed down my internet whenever I click on my blog. Since it's my home page it's really annoying. But you know what? You know how I'm on to you? No one elses blog on takes so long to load so I know you guys are trying to get me back for letting people know about your shitty service. My internet from you greedy pigs has been acting up ever since I would not talk to your corporate goon Andre. I'm not backing down though, I pay on time every month and you guys screw me over every month, so until you clean up your act I'm putting this on the top of my sidebar:

Deal with it you greedy slow ass internet job outsourcing pig fucking bastards.


J.D. said...

Actually, every time I've come here for the past few hours has been incredibly slow, and it's only here.

Sean im Nola said...

Deep Breath Monkerstein. It can't be good for your ticker to get so worked up.

Distributorcap said...

it was verrrry slow to get to your page tonight

Station Agent said...

You came right on for me, but who knows if that matters. I would say that my provider sucks worse, but I don't want them to screw me over like yours did to you...

Splotchy said...

dr mvm, you've got a l'il piece of crap in your template that's slowing things down.

Follow these instructions.

Mathman6293 said...

The large telecom companies have sold the public a bill of goods. Where are those fiber networks? And the government want to let them control the internet? Makes me angry, too.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I apologize for ther slowness JD and Distrib.

Sean-Only Bill Slayden's dumb act (was it an act?) could get me that worked up.

Splotchy-Thanks for the tip, I just changed templates.

Mathman-Grrr, let's burn them out.

Dr. Zaius said...

(This does not relate to you blog seeming slow, only slow speeds from your ISP.)

Dude, you need to run a bandwidth speed test when you think you speeds are slow, and then record them. You have to find out what speed they have promised you, and if they are meeting that speed. A long record of your results can be used to dispel Charter employees that either want to blow you off, or refuse you a credit for poor service. You should run a speed test three times and then average the results to get a clear picture of your actual. (Sometimes the results vary.) Here are three good speedtests:

But it is even better to use a speed test that is within your network. Then Charter cannot begin to refute the results. I don't know whick Charter speed test is in your area, but you may find it here:

Google: charter, speed test

If you run the speed test, and the results are good, but speed still seems slow, it may not be Charter. Several things can cause slow speeds. The fixes for some of them are as follows:

Router: bypass router, run speed test again

Spyware: run a program like Adaware

Anti-Virus Programs and Firewalls can cause problems as well. The worst culprits are Norton, Symantec and Macafee. The fix is to turn off the anti-virus program and then run the speed test again. The way to turn it off is to go to the lower right hand corner of your screen, and find the icon for your anti-virus program, and then right click on the icon, and then turn it off. (Look for "Disable", "Exit", etc.) The anti-virus program will then give you a honking error message that the world will end if you turn off their software. After you have turned it off, then try using the internet. Go to safe sites like google and news sites. Does it seem faster? Restart the computer to turn the anti-virus software back on, or open the program from the Start/All Progams menu.

This fix can be problematic because sometimes Norton, Symantec and Macafee say they are turned off and they aren't. They have so many versions of their software it is difficult to find a coherent answer regarding their software.

The alternative to Norton, Symantec and Macafee is the free version of the anti-virus program AVG.