Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Adopt An Actor

I saw this great new thing over on one of my new blog favorites I Splotchy, I found him through the auspices of the great Samurai Frog's blog. Anyway, Splotchy came up with a great idea, it's called Adopt an Actor.

We'll let Splotchy explain how this works:

I call on the bloggers of the world to adopt an actor.

I would recommend you pick a character actor, as they are the unsung heroes of the entertainment world.

By adopting Character Actor X you are not expected to be an exhaustive resource on X, nor are you expected to have seen all movies in which X acted. No, none of that crap.

I would only ask that you promote the actor from time to time, and occasionally keep tabs on their progress (assuming he or she isn't dead). If you want to do it up nice, make a l'il space on your blog where you can have a picture of them.

I thought it was a great idea so I'm joining the crusade and my adopted actor is the lovely and super talented Archie Panjabi. You may remember this fine actress from her turn as Parminder Nagra's sister in Bend It Like Beckham. We watch a lot of movies and BBC America on our TV here at el Casa de Monkey and we see the lovely Ms. Panjabi in a heck of a lot of projects, both film and TV. She was in, for example, Life on Mars, the super adaptation of Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth, The Constant Gardner, Sea of Souls, and she's in the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie about Mariane Pearl, A Mighty Heart.

We understand why she's the "go to Asian" in many movies and TV shows, it's because she's a damn good actress period. We hope to see her in many many more roles in the future and we hope casting directors give her a chance to play "outside" her race by casting her not just because she is Asian, but because she is the best actor for the role.

And so because she does such fantastic work in all her various film and TV roles, we are proud to adopt Archie Panjabi and to do what little we can in promoting her career. We're sure she'd do the same for us if the tables were on the other foot.


Evil Spock said...

Is this kinda like how Woody Allen adopted Soon Yi?

Where does Evil Spock sign up?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sure dude, it's exactly like that. How about you adopt Lindsay Lohan's sister now.

kelsi said...

may i adopt a dead actor? good, 'cause i've always wanted to have a claim on klaus kinski.
but if that breaks all the rules, then i'm going to adopt rainn wilson, 'cause i'm vindictive like that.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sugar booger, you do what you like. This is a free country, if you are into dead Germans, then get your freak on girl.

kelsi said...

i'm very glad that you're so open-minded with my quirks.
and that i didn't have to adopt rainn.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

We're all about inclusion here Kelsi.

Splotchy said...

At some point we should get all are adopted actors (dead or alive) and have a play date.

Congratulations on your adoption, doc.

Pam said...

What? You are cheating on Salma?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thank you for the idea Splotchy.

Salma needs no help with her careet Pam, she's a white hot aupernova buring through my pants, oops, I mean through the Hollywood sky. Archie on the other hand is a great actress who needs all the PR she can get over here.

Bubs said...

I think she's a splendid choice, but MizBubs said something about it not being fair, picking actors who are...HOT.