Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Some black kids talk about Trump and the debate

"That dude was dope.  Hang on, I meant to say that dude IS a dope."

"I heard he wants to take away my health care that I got from President Obama.  He says we can't afford it because we got to spend more money on bombs and stuff.  Screw that.  I can't eat bombs and no soldier is gonna look after me when I get sick."

"He did about how I expected him to.  I expect his first term in office will go about as smoothly as the one Mitt Romney had.  You see what I did there?"

"You already talked to me.  Now, leave me alone while I contemplate how to survive being a young black male in a country that allows cops to brutalize me and mine and then damns and criminalizes me when I demonstrate against it."

"He needed to appeal to women, black folks, Hispanics, and Muslims and he ended up scoring big with the people who want to burn crosses in our yard."

"He said he's going to be the law and order president.  Black folks already got all the law and order we can handle.  The law gives us an order and it kills us even if we obey it.  So my parents will be voting Hillary."

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