Friday, August 28, 2015

Catching up with an old friend

HuluPLUS recently added all the Project Runway seasons that Lifetime has aired and I got to catch up on a couple of seasons that I missed when we cut cable and went to streaming.   We recently binge watched seasons 11 and 12 and here are some random thoughts and opinions on both:

I hated Michelle until about mid way through the season, then I just disliked her.  But in the end she was the best designer and she deserved to win, even though she was such a repellent catty bitch.  I hated myself for liking her designs and for finding her so hot.  I usually don't like all those visible tats, in a few years when gravity hit her body hard they're going to look even worse than they do now.  She was a twat on the show but she peaked at just the right time.

 I liked Stanley a lot and he certainly made some chic designs but many of them did read old and he ended up peaking way early.  His collection was lux and lush but it was matronly.

I thought Kate got kicked off both season 11 and 12 way early.  In my opinion she should have went to fashion week in season 12 and not Alexandria.  My heart skipped a beat every time she flashed her cute little smile.

Speaking of season 12, I was surprised that this crazy fucker didn't stab someone before he got kicked off.  He was all sass and attitude and no talent.  That little stunt he pulled of making his new roommates wait in the doorway while he finished ironing his cut off jeans, I'd have dome exactly what Alexander did and then if he bitched about it, I'd have picked up that iron and stuffed it in his fat flapping yap.  I get it that he's had a hard life, being that gay in Alabama can't be easy. and add to that the fact that he's black, it must be super tough, I get it, but in New York, on Project Runway, he was among his 'people' and he should have been a lot nicer to them.

I have never hated a designer as much as I hated this asshole from Milwaukee.  His over the top constant crowing about how sustainable he and his fashion were, it made me vomit.  And the very idea that his model wasn't going to get her hair done or wear any make up for the first runway show, oh my fucking gawd, what a huge mistake.  He was a giant insufferable pain in the ass.  He gave all gay dudes a black eye with his 'I'll never not believe in unicorns' bullshit.  Thank goodness all the other gay male designers on seasons 11 and 12 had more talent and class than this fucking Bozo did.  Ugh.

And finally, I was over the moon when Dom won season 12.  She was not only super talented, she was gracious, ebullient, nice, and such a breath of fresh air after all many catty bitchy female winners that the show has had in the past.  I wish she did men's wear because I'd love to see what she'd come up with.  And she's so freaking beautiful.  

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Margaret Benbow said...

Yes. But my all-time most hated designer was the dude from a few years back who liked to put tufts of dirty black hair fringe on his designs..all of them. He never understood why people didn't like them.