Sunday, August 30, 2015

Competition makes the news stand grow bigger

I discovered two new to me mid century magazines.  They were both supposed to be competition to the market owned by Reader's Digest.  Both were small, like Reader's Digest, both had short easily digestible articles, both were filled with pictures, bits of wit and wisdom written by wags and readers, both were stridently anti Communist and pro capitalist, and both were filled with whimsical illustrations that are severely dated now.

But there were some telling differences between the two.

Pageant had no ads, at least the ones I bought didn't, and it seemed geared to more of a young male audience.  It had plenty of pictures of and shirt articles about pretty women, both TV and movie stars and comely college coeds.  It also had more of a humorous edge to it.

Coronet was an almost exact copy of Reader's Digest and it had a tinge more of a religious. mainly Christian, bent to it.

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