Monday, May 11, 2015

Today in stupidity

  • Glenn Beck says that because white people voted for her husband, Michelle Obama isn't allowed to talk about how racism has affected her.  Makes about as much sense as the other drivel that pops out of his dumb mouth.
  • A woman in New Zealand who got lost in the woods for 24 hours survived by drinking the two liters of water she had carried with her, by eating a energy bar she had with her, and by drinking her breast milk.  What a heroic thing to do after being lost for 24 hours.  I wonder how long it would take her to resort to cannibalism if she got lost with another human being, two, three, four days?
  • George Zimmerman finally pulled his gun on someone who was also packing heat and he got shot at for waving his gun at them.  God damn it guy who pulled his gun on Zimmerman, you need to work on your aim since your bullet hit Zimmy's windshield and nothing else.
  • Gomer Huckabee sas all his commercial endorsements are above reproach. 


jadedj said...

Let's hope that was just the "warm up" Karma for George Zimmerman...and the real deal is on it's way.

Brewella Deville said...

New Zealand mom's name? Ms. Bear Grylls. And now you know........ the rest of the story.