Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm part of the problem!

A little girl on Facebook shrieked to me that I was 'part of the problem' when I didn't condemn the NFL for suspending Tom Brady for four games for cheating and Ray Rice only two games for abusively hitting his wife.  Because I tried to explain to her that battered wives don't affect the outcome of games that have millions of dollars in bets riding on them, she said I was 'part of the problem' because I refused to say that the NFL doesn't care about battered women but it does care about improperly inflated balls.  

The NFL doesn't care about battered women.  It doesn't care about substance abuse by it's players or the concussion problems suffered by it's players.  In fact, it really doesn't give a shit about it's players.  The NFL cares about one thing and one thing only, and that's cash.  They care about the revenue that flows in from advertisers, cities that host their games, TV networks, and the millions of dollars that's bet on it's games.  They care about raking in money.  They're a for profit business.  They're not a charity or a non profit out to help battered women, drug addicts, cripples, or dogs.  

If one team is getting an unfair advantage by cheating then that might scare bettors away.  If bettors are scared away then that means the NFL might lose money.  And they are in business to make money not to lose it so that's why they take cheating more seriously than they do battered women.  It's economics, not community outreach. And if that pisses off some people, then that's no skin off the nose of the NFL, they know people will still watch and bet and buy the beer that's advertised and the jerseys and the hats as long as the game doesn't look rigged.

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Devilham said...

I am a Patriots fan, as I live in Boston, and it's our home team, and I disagree with the leagues ruling (I don't think there is enough evidence to prove guilt...that being said, this is a private entity, they don't NEED to prove guilt), but I do want to say that I agree with your analysis...this is about money and saving face (looking tough after the Ray Rice fiasco). At the end of the day, it's just a game of sportsball, and it just doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things