Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why are you not getting your kids vaccinated?

"What?  Of course my kids got vaccinated.  I'm not stupid.  Those diseases can kill or cripple children for life.  Only idiots don't get their kids vaccinated."

"You'll have to find out my reasons on a very special After School Special tomorrow at 4 PM eastern, 3 PM central time."

"The negro president told us it was a good idea to get it done, so I forbade my family of Caucasians from doing it."

"It's the hip thing to do.  Plus, I hate my kids and watching them die slow agonizing deaths is a fit punishment for the way they ruined my formerly swingin' life."

"The aliens use vaccines to track us, so if my kids aren't vaccinated then the reptile lords from Zeebrun 4 won't be able to anally probe them."

"We pray away disease, so we don't need your worthless vaccines.  Jesus is our doctor."

"Pie.  I like pie."

"I'm an awful person who doesn't care about others.  I just let what ever happens happen and fuck the consequences."

"I didn't get mine vaccinated because I lost a bet and because of Communism."

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