Monday, February 2, 2015

Just a little prick

Morbidly obese bully, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey (New Jersey: The place where NYC takes a shit), says that parents should have a choice whether or not their kids get vaccinated.  He said that because the scary black man in the White House who knows about sound science says that parents need to vaccinate their kids.

If parents get a choice and they choose not to vaccinate their kids, that's fine as long as we get to quarantine the non vaccinated children, sterilize the parents, and don't allow them to raise any more children ever.

Listen up people, science is liberal or conservative.  It just is.  Science is the only thing that has saved us up to now and it's going to be the only thing that saves humans from ourselves.  Disagree on economic policy, foreign policy, domestic policy, but you can't disagree with science and science says to GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED SO THEY WILL LIVE LONGER AND NOT SPREAD DISEASE TO OTHER PEOPLE.

On one hand, I'm hoping that conservatives don't vaccinate their kids so that maybe they'll died off from the collective stupid.  But on the other hand, I'm a decent person who wants all people to live.  I want all kids to have some kind of a shot at life and to not die an early death because their parents were fucking morons who oppose anything that a black president proposes.

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gmb said...

I bet that asshole's kids are up-to-date with the vaccines. He is saying this to get the rightwing votes he won't get because he's considered "too liberal." Not kidding. that said, he's still fat even after the band surgery. We won't have to be bothered with this guy for much longer.