Thursday, February 19, 2015

Massive movie report round up

Decent little indy film about a woman who tracks down the guy who got her pregnant after a one night stand.  He's going through some shit in his life and when it's revealed he's the faher of the young boy, things get worse for him and others.

I quite liked this character study and as usual Anna Friel and Romola Garai are stunningly beautiful.

Very cute romantic comedy about two quirky people who find love through an injured duck.  Rhys Darby is charmingly normal and Sally Hawkins if awfully cute.  

Surprisingly good good film about the goings on in a creepy insane asylum.  Nobody is who they seem to be and things go weirder from there.  This film is taut and full of surprises, right up until the end.  Also, Kate Beckinsale, is a really really really beautiful woman.

Very likable yet moody film about the tumult surrounding Marilyn Monroe's time shooting a film with Laurence Olivier in the late 1950's.  Michelle Williams turns in a sexy drowsy great performance as Monroe.  Kenneth Branagh however is wildly miscast and he and his crazy German accent are a huge distraction.
Meh.  Another 'child genius' brings people together film.  It's okay but it's a lot like Little Man Tate.

Very good revisionist style western that helped make Robert Altman famous.  One of Paul Newman's finest performances.

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