Friday, February 20, 2015

Whiny Republican asshole of the month

That's Pete Kinder.  He gets paid $86,000 a year for being Lt. Governor of Missouri.  He says he's 'impoverished' and he wants the state to pay him more money.  But wait, here's the best part: he's a small government fiscally conservative Republican.

That's right.  He doesn't want government to waste money on things like feeding the poor or making sure that schools are fully funded or fixing buildings, bridges, and roads.  But he does want the government to pay him more money so he can stop others from getting money.

Fuck him.  The job of government isn't to enrich assholes like this.  It doesn't exist so he can line his pockets.  I get by on a fifth of what this whiny piece of shit asshole makes.  So, yeah, fuck him.  Fuck him with a chainsaw.

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