Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The blame game

I don't blame that 9 year old girl who shot and killed her shooting instructor.  She's only 9 years old, accidents like that are to be expected when you force a little kid to learn to shoot an Uzi.  No, I don't blame the kid who will now suffer the rest of her life with PTSD and guilt over murdering another human being at such a young age.

I blame her fucking stupid shit stain parents who forced their 9 year old kid to learn to shoot an automatic weapon.  Those fuckers need to be tried and convicted of manslaughter at the very least, or if this was a perfect world, murder in the first degree.   Even if they aren't convicted of any crime, they need to lose all parental rights to their child.  Monsters like them have no right to fuck up children like they've fucked up their 9 year old daughter.

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