Monday, July 7, 2014

Talking heads talk about a talking head

 "Newt Gingrich said that the USA can't absorb all those young Hispanic immigrants from central America."

 "Holy shit, he didn't.  Did he?"

 "He sure did.  But remember he's the guy who said tax cuts stimulate the economy, that we had to impeach Clinton, that marriage equality harms kids, and that we had to go to war in Iraq or else the Muslims would come and kill us all becuase of our freedom."
"So basically he's wrong again."
"Yep.  The serial divorcer, fornicator, and adulterer is wrong again.  Go figure."
"It's a good thing no sane people actually take him seriously anymore."
"Our heads are empty and we're still smarter than that bloviating moron."

1 comment:

gmb said...

He also pulled strings to get filthy Rupert Murdoch American citizenship so that Murdoch could destroy political discourse in this country. For that I hope Newt spends eternity with Murdoch's dick in his mouth.