Saturday, July 5, 2014

Big news!

 "Hello?  What?  Have heard the big news?"
 "They talked abut this blog...
 "...and Dr. Monkey's Tumblr blog on a podcast of Gweek."
"They get down to talking about both of them in earnest in the 26th minute of the podcast."

This is my third time being featured on Boing Boing.  And yes, it's very nice to be recognized for my work.  I always knew if I liked the stuff I scan and post, then others would like it as well.  Yes, I sent Mark from Boing Boing an email thanking him for spotlighting my blogs.


Caffeinated Joe said...


gmb said...

Kudos, Dr. Monkey. Well deserved.

Devilham said...

listening now, awesome for you man!!!