Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Movie reports

On her 16th a Japanese school girl learns she is part of the ancient HILKO clan and that she has superpowers.  She hooks up with her clan after her parents get killed and she joins them in their fight against humanity until she learns the truth that she is a mongrel, part human/part HILKO, and that even though humans don't like HILKO, they don't deserve to die.  

This film is so over the top crazy it's in a league all it's own.  The HILKO all have crazy ass superpowers, one has a chainsaw in her ass that she uses to fight with, another has swords that shoot out her boobs, our heroine has a fantastic kick ass claw that is superduper powered. Toss in one disturbingly good looking dude in make up who is the leader of the HILKO who merges with their god toward the end of the film, samurai who have guns on their noses that look like dicks, and a whole bunch of other weird sci fi martial arts stuff, and you'v got one of the craziest films I've ever seen.  It's crazy in a good way though.  I loved it.  This one is on Netflix instant.
In a little island town off the coast of Nova Scotia some folks are in a funk, a gay dude has trouble accepting his sexuality, the top cop and his realtor wife are having issues, a teenage girl is trying to remain a virgin, while her mom who has been 'easy' in the past is starting to relive her old ways, and the mayor is up to something shady.  All this is going down just as the town is about to have a month long celebration.  But thing have a way of working out and they do work out in this cute but a little too earnest film which I liked a lot.  I especially liked Sandra Oh, she's an incredibly sexy woman and a damn fine actress to boot but there is no way in hell I'm ever going to see her in that medical show she's in, and Ellen Page, who is super hot as the little virgin who's fighting off her ardent boyfriend.  This one is cute and worth watching. It's on Netflix Instant.

In this Russian film of the future humanity has conquered disease, ended war, and got it's shit together enough to allow humans to go out exploring and doing good shit on other planets.  An impossibly good looking dude named Maxim has space ship trouble and he lands on a planet that's experiencing a revolution.  He joins forces with a guy he meets who has a hot sister who falls in love with him and they all join forces with others to fight the Unknown Fathers and a mysterious guy named Roamer.  

This one is over the top too, in a crazy good way.  It's all hyper real and it's a film that Terry Gilliam would make if he was hooked on steroid laced meth.  The acting is over the top and the story makes no sense at times, but damn, you just can't look away.  It's the best/craziest Russian sci fi film I've ever seen.

We watched this documentary about the late Elaine Stritch on the night she passed away, it was our memorial to her.  It's funny and touching at times.  I had no idea she how much she had seeped into our national consciousness. It's worth watching.  It's on Netflix instant.

Very 'actorly' film that tells the story of a guy who invents a bullshit 'religion' and who is much like the late fraud L. Ron Hubbard.  It's a good film that features fine performance by the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Laura Dern, and Jesse Plemons.  There's lots of method acting and emoting and actors getting down to the real nitty gritty, enough to power a small city.  It's very absorbing and Hoffman and Phoenix chew lots of scenery.  It's currently on Netflix instant.

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