Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You never forget the first one

It's been a while since I posted a story from my murky past on this fine blog of mine.  This post is inspired by a new friend on Facebook who asked, "What's one thing you wish you had never seen?"

I answered truthfully by saying the one thing I wish I had never seen was my crazy Aunt Rageaholic's vagina.  And of course someone the new Facebook friend asked how did I come to see that particular vagina.  Well, here's the whole sorted tale:

I was about 14 or 15 and living with my aunt and uncle and their bullying children out in rural Lee County VA.  My aunt was a seamstress of sorts and she made many work/house dresses for herself.  She wore them inside the house when she did her housework and outside of the house when she worked in the yard or garden.  That fateful day was a hot humid one in June or July and she was working out in the yard in one of her creations, it was a shortish work dress that came down to her knees or perhaps just above them.  I was working out in the yard as well, or maybe I was working by myself and she had come out to make sure I was working and not fucking off, she hated it when we tried to slough off her assigned tasks.  Anyway, she was out there in that dress and she shouted something at me.  I turned to hear her better and when I did she was facing away from me and she bent down to pick something up or to pull a weed, I don't remember the exact details, I've tried to block out much of that day as I have grown older, and as she bent over her work dress rose up to reveal that she wasn't wearing underwear and I could clearly see her wrinkly old vagina.

I had seen many pictures of vaginas before that day, thanks to Penthouse, Hustler, and other porn mags.  And overall, I really liked those other vaginas.  I was keenly hoping to see a live one sooner rather than later but since I was very shy around girls I doubted I ever would, you know how dramatic teenagers can be.  I wanted very badly to see one up close and personal and I hoped it would be one I was about to be inside of, not one that belonged to a family member, much less the one that belonged to my crazy bipolar aunt who would later steal nearly $10,000 from me.

She bent over and her dress rode up and I saw my first vagina, and I'm pretty sure I yelped with fear, disgust, and revulsion.  I quickly looked away but what had been seen could not be unseen.  I remember praying to any god that would listen that I hoped other vaginas were more beautiful than hers.  I walked away in a daze trying forget what I had seen and ruing that fact that I had seen it.

For many years hers was the only live one I saw until I got to college and lost my virginity.  Thank goodness all the other live vaginas I've seen and had the pleasure to pleasure were exceedingly more beautiful than the one that was on my crazy old aunt.  But still, seeing her vag was shocking and sickening.  I hate that hers was the first live one I saw and I still to this day wish I could unsee it, but alas I cannot.


Nan said...

Well, thank goodness for a college education. You could have been ruined for life. That type of experience could make an anchorite's life look good.

gmb said...

Well, the fact that you dated women after seeing that is proof that you are straight. No doubt there.