Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm laughing to keep from crying and shaking with rage

Bloodthirsty war criminal Tony 'Bush's Poodle' Blair, claims that the initial invasion of Iraq and the bungled quagmire that took place afterwards is in no way responsible for the Iraqi civil war that's raging over there now.  What a fucking joke he is.  What a disgusting piece of sub humanity he is.  After all the death and destruction he helped cause, he's still convinced he did the right thing that that history will exonerate him.  It's times like these I wish there really was a hell so that when he dies he can go there and be anally raped by Saddam Hussein while his flesh burns but never dissolves.   As it is, I'll have to settle for him being written off as one of the architects of the disaster we know as the war of terror.

Fuck you Tony Blair, I can't wait for your death you vicious fuck pig.


Mnmom said...

Amen. How can he even be human?

gmb said...

Blair knows he encouraged this to happen. He's not ashamed, more worried. The Brits are mocking and raging at him for this--with particular emphasis by real Labour, not that third way shit Miliband is pushing (and not succeeding with). While unlikely, he is the only one of the war criminals who could face punishment. I hope he has to spen the rest of his days in exile in Dubai.