Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movie reports

Fascinating documentary about Tomi Ungerer who lived through the loss of his father at an early age, the Nazi occupation of his native France, and being blacklisted by puritanical busy body children's librarians.  Ungerer is a writer and prolific illustrator who specialized for many years in writing and illustrating somewhat subversive children's books.  He also did erotic illustrations and posters that were sharply critical of USA foreign policy.  Once the children's librarians found out he was drawing naked women enjoying themselves sexually, they blacklisted him and refused to buy and of his books for their libraries.  He moved to Canada, and then to Ireland, before he was 'forgotten' enough to come back.  It's a shame we let a few sex hating women dictate our morals.  Thank goodness Ungerer defied them and has come back into vogue.  He's a magnificent artist and storyteller.

A family that snitched on their former mob associates is in the witness protection program and living in France.  They can't seem to stay out of trouble.  While under protective care they get many people beat up, maimed, shot, and it's all deeply unfunny and very very off putting.  I didn't like this movie one iota, not even Michelle Pfeiffer's good looks could save it for me.  I was rooting for these cold blooded assholes to get gunned down but no such luck.  Yuck.  Unfunny, way too violent, and a waste of time.  It's sad these actors needed the money so bad that they stooped to do this shitty film.

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C said...

Very interested to read about Tomi Ungerer, Dr MVM, thanks for this.

I remember once illustrating a simple image for a book for very young children of a mummy bear cuddling her baby bear - mummy was lying on her back holding the baby on top of her against stomach, both of them looking close and ecstatically happy. I was then asked to amend their positions because (and I quote) it all looked too 'suggestive'...