Thursday, April 3, 2014

Consider the source

The Pope said that marriage between a man and a woman shows us the 'face of God,' meaning that same sex marriage does not and a nun told a high school class that masturbation makes you gay.  Anyone who believes the kind of nonsense these idiotic Christians spew deserves to be beaten with the simpleton stick.  Remember these are the same people who told us:

  • the earth was the center of of the solar system
  • the sun revolves around the earth
  • slavery was fine because it's mentioned positively in their bible
  • autopsies are bad because their god won't reanimate sliced up bodies on Judgment day
  • forks, coffee, vaccinations, and lefthandness are evil and tools of the devil
  • child labor is a good thing
  • science is a lie designed by the devil to lead people astray
  • racial discrimination is a good thing
  • marriage equality is bad.
Religion, always bad, always holding us back.

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gmb said...

Hear, hear. I starting having strong doubts by age 6, but still had to go to church every fucking weekend. From the beginning I recognized mass as bad theater. What a fucking bore. If you are going to present me with fiction, at least have better story lines, costumes, and music (although the pope's get-up is swell in a really queeny way).