Friday, October 4, 2013

The face of all that is wrong with the USA today

This cunt is a member of Congress from North Carolina.  She gleefully shut the government down because she doesn't like having a black man in the White House who isn't of her political party.  She also doesn't like poor and working people having even a scrap of health insurance, never mind that hers is paid for by the taxpayers.  She blithely tosses hundreds of thousands of people out of work so she can make a political point.  And yet, she has the gall to stand there and say that she needs her paycheck, the one that is provided to her by working Americans.

See, this bitch encapsulates the problem with modern day conservative thinking.  She needs her government paycheck, hell she'll even tell you all day long about how hard she works to earn it, but others who work for the government don't need theirs.  She earns hers, others are moochers.  To her 'government' is something to be feared, mocked, and hated.  It doesn't really exist to do anything but take money out of her and her rich pals pockets.  They hate it so much that they are more than willing to shut it down no matter what the cost, no matter if hundreds of thousands of people can't make their rent or mortgage payments, as long as Congresswoman Renee Ellmers gets hers, fuck the rest of you.

What these selfish asswipes refuse to acknowledge is that the government of this country is not some alien thing, it's people.  People who get up every working day and go do a job that helps keep America running.  And the money they earn from those jobs pays rent, mortgages, car payments, college tuition, medical bills.  It buys groceries, meals in restaurants, clothes, computers, and more.  Once those people stop spending the money they were earning at those government jobs, the economy slowly grinds to a halt.  If they can't buy groceries, then the stores lay off employees, farmers don't sell as much, so they stop growing as much, which means they stop making money and start losing their farms.  It works the same way with everything our economy is based on.  So a government shutdown is a horrible thing to have.  It affects not only the laid off employees, it affects everyone.  It has a truly trickle down effect, it's trickle down misery.

So the gall of that cunt Ellmers to say she needs her paycheck while she prevents others from getting theirs just so she can make a black man look bad, fuck her.  Fuck her with a chainsaw, tar and feather her, and then draw and quarter her.  She is the epitome of what is wrong with teabagger Republicans, conservatives, and economic libertarians.  She is Ayn Rand's wet dream and our nation's worst nightmare.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

1) i used to live in wise county in sw va - i see you are in ne tn - that's a beautiful part of the country

2) i think you are right in your assessment of this congressperson's lack of compassion

3)i notice you use very angry words - a potential problem with that is you run the risk of, over the long term, harshing your own mellow as well as that of your listeners - in buddhist terms avoidance of abusive language is part of "right speech"

beatgrl said...


Dr. MVM said...

I'm a grown man. I use the language I want. If you have a problem with it, then don't fucking read my blog. Got it?

gmb said...

And let's face facts, mistah charley, Ph.d., sometimes a cunt is a cunt is a cunt is a cunt.

They are mean spirited horrible people. But the democrats and republicans who are watching and hope to take advantage of the tea partiers exploding....they are worse.

Nan said...

It's kind of an insult to cunts everywhere to label that woman as one. Her obliviousness and selfishness put her into that category of lizard people where there are no truly good terms to use to describe them.

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Here is what she wrote about herself on her website:

Before her election to Congress, Renee served as a registered nurse for over twenty-one years, initially as a surgical intensive care nurse and then focusing on surgical and wound care patients along with her husband Dr. Brent Ellmers in their General Surgery practice. She never saw herself as a politician, nor dreamed that she would be elected to federal office, but felt the call to action as she saw her industry and life’s work coming under attack. In 2009, she and her husband attended a town hall meeting on President Obama’s health care plan and came away distraught over the government’s impending takeover of patients’ rights and access to health care.

Yes, her career in nursing is impressive. I did not see any info. about a degree in economics. She sees no further than her own paycheck. Or perhaps she can see all the way to the town hall meeting where they spread lies.

gmb said...

Her husband's a surgeon and she needs the check?

Lowell said...

My dear Monkey Muck: I think so highly of this post that I would like to use it on my insightful blog, Contextual Criticism (

I would, of course, give you full credit and applause!


Thank you.