Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Movie Report

 Rome: Open City is a triumph of realist cinema.  It's a cinematic marvel and a film that richly deserves it 'classic' label.  It tells the story of a few Italian partisans in Rome in the last days before the American invasion.  The director, Roberto Rossellini, used very few polished actors and he shot the film in the ruins of Rome in the immediate aftermath of World War 2.  And for his trouble Rossellini got an ultra realistic film that's full of beauty, truth, and sadness.  You seriously need to see this film.

 This film about a few days in the life of a sex addict is both compelling and repellent.  It shows the highs and lows of being in the thrall of having to have sex all the time no matter what the cost.  Fassbender's portrayal of the addict in question is outstanding.  And Carey Mulligan, as his sister who may or may not have had a hand in making her brother sex addict, and Nicole Beharie as the woman he might love but can't keep it up for, are outstanding as well.  Lots of nudity and simulated sex in this one, so don't watch it with a prude.

In the Realm of the Senses makes Shame look like an after school special.  This Japanese-French co production is about a hotel maid who strikes up an affair with her boss.  Their affair becomes an all consuming thing for both of them.  He stops having sex with his wife because the maid demands it and when their sex starts to become common place, she, the maid, introduces new and deadly kinks to their sex life.  The sex in this film is not simulated, there is actual oral sex, she sucks his cock and he cums in her mouth, vaginal intercourse, and he wipes food on her vagina and he eats an egg that he inserted inside her vagina as well.  She also has sex with other men and he rapes an older geisha at her request.  It's all very disturbing and by the time it's over, you'll never want to see another sex scene in a film again.

I can't say I liked Shame or this film, but I can say they were different and worth watching for many different reasons.  Both made me uncomfortable and both are full of scenes that will stay with me long after seeing both films.

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