Thursday, September 12, 2013

The origin of hot dogs

In olden days, the judge said, "Forsooth, I am hot as hell and not in the 'good' sense of that phrase.  On top of that, I'm hungry as hell.  Bring me some food about this long and I will eat the hell out of that shit."

Throughout the colonial city people scrambled to find the judge some long food.  They looked high and they looked low but no one could find food to suit him, until...

"Hail young negro, my hungr is insatiable, give me that animal you cling so tightly to your dusky breast."  The young negro, being a son of slaves, had no choice but to comply.  He handed over his pet to the judge.
"My lord, this animal is too skinny to be eaten now.  Your lordship should allow me to let it eat the negro boy so as to fatten it up so it will be a nourishing and filling meal for you."

"Overruled!" shouted the judge before he ripped a fart that peeled the paint off the wall behind him.  "Gimme that dog.  NOW!"  The judge grabbed the dog, popped it's eye out, and skull fucked it before he ate it raw.
 "Whoa, did thou see-est that shite?  He ate that dog like a boss!" said the young negro as the crowd of white landowners looked on.

The judge was not amused by the flippant comments made by the young slave so he sentenced him to death and had his corpse ground up and stuffed inside thin translucent casings, which were called 'hot dogs' after the food he had gotten for the judge.

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