Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick hits (Syrian war edition)

  • I support the upcoming war on Syria as much as I supported the illegal Bush/Cheney/Powell led wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. 
  • Hey liberals and Democrats, hypocrite much?  You opposed the wars of terror under Bush but now that Obama is in charge, you're all in on Syria?  Fuck that.  If it was wrong under Bush, it's wrong under Obama.
  • Hey conservatives and Republicans, hypocrite much?  When Bush was in charge you cried that the rest of us HAD to support him in his war mongering because he was President.  Now that we've got a scary black Democrat in charge, it's suddenly fine not to support his warmongering?  Fuck you.  
  • Too bad we all can't be like the Church of England.  They invested a load of money in armaments manufacturers and now they're reaping the benefits of all the death and destruction caused by said armaments.  Hooray!  Jesus would be so fucking proud of you.
  • The only war in the Middle East I can support is a war to stop Israeli genocide.  If we don't stop those mad bastards, they'll wipe out Palestinians in just a few years.

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gmb said...

I hear you, but the Israelis won't kill all the Palestinians. If they continue with the crazy rightwing shit, they will kill themselves. The reasonable secular jews will leave and all they have is crazy.