Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hang on a minute

Really?  We're all supposed to be doing back flips of joy over the news that a couple of the younger members of the Westboro Baptist Church have renounced the hateful nonsense of their church and now they like gay people?

Not so fast there sport.  Fuck these two little hateful bitches.  They saw the writing on the wall and saw they'd be on the wrong side of history if they kept up their hateful Christian ways so they dumped their family's church and now they want us to love them.  Fuck that shit.  They hated on gays, Jews, blacks, and everybody who wasn't them for years.  They paraded their hate and wore it like a badge of honor.  They rubbed their hate in the wounds of people going through some of the worst times of their lives and they laughed when people died horrible agonizing deaths and suffered from horrible painful shit.  FUCK THEM.  FUCK THEM WITH A CHAINSAW.

They can be as contrite and apologetic as they like but they'll never ever get me to believe they are sorry or sincere.  Maybe if they apologized to each and every family who's funeral they picketed and to every gay person they ever hated on and spat at and maybe if they slink away never to be seen or heard from again while they work to make the lives of HIV/AIDS patients in Africa a little better then maybe I'll buy into their bullshit.   But as long as they chase the media spotlight and demand we pay attention to them and their quest for publicity, then we all need to pop their eyeballs out and skull fuck then with an anthrax and feces coated lead pipe.

Same thing goes for Turd Nugent and Lance Onenutstrong.

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Professor Chaos said...

Why should they be treated as heroes just because they've decided to be somewhat less horrible?