Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recently watched movie round up

 Jack Black plays a super nice Christian guy who is well loved in his small Texas town.  He does everything, works hard, participates in all community events, and is a complete selfless giver.  He's also clearly a deeply closeted gay man.  He takes up with the town biddy and he eventually kills her.  The town can't believe he did it because he's so nice and she was such a bitch.

It's a very good slice of small town life film and all in it are very good, especially Black who is not allowed to be 'whacky Jack Black.'  If you ever lived in a small town, especially in the south or the southwest, then you know someone like Black's character.

I highly recommend this film if only so you can see the vanishing breed of person Black plays, the genuinely nice Christian.
 Fascinating documentary about some of society's most reviled people, porn stars. Personally I have no problem with porn or porn stars, in fact I admire them for doing a job that most people could never ever do.  I also recommend this one.
One of the strangest Christmas stories ever filmed.  I highly recommend this one.


Brewella Deville said...

That Bernie film really flew under my radar. Slim just watched it and said I'd like it, so there you go, two trusted recommendations for non-wacky Jack Black.

Professor Chaos said...

I normally hate Jack Black, but I've heard good things about Bernie.