Monday, December 17, 2012

God is a bullet and his followers are psychos

Let's be clear and factual here, no child has ever been prevented from praying in any school in the USA.  The god of the Christians has not been 'kicked out' or 'asked to leave' any schools in the country.  What happened was that school administrators, public employees, were prevented from leading or encouraging Christian prayer in schools.  They were prevented from Christian proselytizing, although in some school systems they do it in direction violation of the law, I know the school system I was in from grade 7 through grade 12 did, because if they did it they were favoring one religion over another.  And by favoring one religion over another you establish a de facto state religion, and in case you forgot, the US Constitution expressly forbids the government from establishing a religion.

So when I hear people like Gomer Huckabee and that awful Bryan 'The Nazis were blood thirsty gay liberals' Fischer drone on and on about how their god let the school shooting in Connecticut happen because he had been kicked out and it took something like this to get him back in, it makes me want to vomit.  Assholes like Huckabee and Fischer and all the rest of the religious gun nuts use this argument not to soothe hurt feelings or as a way to explain why this awful tragedy happened, they're using it to justify why something like this happens.  The fact is they support the NRA and actually want more guns on the street and in the hands of more mentally ill people.  They will say anything, do anything, go to any length to use their book of fairy tales to give reasons why they think people should be armed and ready to shoot.

They are shameless cowards who stand behind the skirts of the whores in the NRA and big business and they do nothing but place obstacle after obstacle in the way of actually talking about this issue in a sane logical manner.  They want to keep people frightened and under their thumb and they do so by telling them that their god will be mad at them if they give up their hand guns and their 'liberty.'

I have no children of my own but I know a little about how it devastates a parent to lose a child.  It crushed my mother when my sister Linda got hit and killed by a car.  I could tell, even though I was 8 years old, how losing Linda took some of the life out of my mom.  She was never the same after Linda died.  One of Sparky's work friends from years back lost her grown son to a tragic mountain climbing accident a few years ago and she's still going through agony over her son's death.  A local friend lost his son a few months back and it's devastated him and his family.  So it's unconscionable for smug sanctimonious Christian assholes to say that 20 some kids got gunned down and killed because we don't let Christians indoctrinate in our public schools.  It's awful for them to say that these kids are in a better place now because they're with Jesus.  For them to say that maybe this was all part of their god's plan to get teachers armed while on the job is beyond stupid.

If you think your god is behind the shooting in CT, then fuck you.  If you think your god did this so more people can carry guns, then double fuck you.  This mass murder happened because our gun laws are too lax and because our system of delivering help to mentally ill people has broken down because rich people wanted more money.  This is what happens when you shred the social safety net while making sure anyone can get access to a gun.


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I'm not a christian, but I was sorta raised as one (Roman Catholic). Anyhoo, pedophilia aside (and no, it can never be forgotten), the church at least portrayed Jeebus as a nice guy who, you know, loved people. Not this monster these smaller monsters hold up before their obviously frightened and stupid base. Who in their right mind would pray to a god who thinks killing first graders is perfectly fine if needed to make a point? Where is the benevolence?

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Well said.