Friday, December 21, 2012

Movie reports

This was an oddly touching film about an elderly woman who gets bit by a werewolf and after her son discovers her secret, the lengths he goes to to protect his mother and the city from her.  It doesn't end well for his mom but it's a fitting end for this overlooked early '90's horror movie.  The acting is wooden at times and the effects aren't much but it's a good little film.  And it co stars the gal who played Erin on The Waltons.

This film is an over the top insanely funny and crude 'history' of FDR.  In this version FDR is a  hard drinking and smokin' poon hound who gets bit by a werewolf while hunting.  The bite gives him polio and his legs shrink but his personality doesn't.  He almost singlehandedly ends prohibition while winning WW2 for us.  I found it hilarious and many of you will too.
Okay, this film was touted as being the best thing since sliced bread on the radio program This American Life.  They praised it effusively because they helped produce it.  I wanted to like it because I like the guy who stars in it, and it's based on his life, but in the end I just couldn't.  The story is a slight one, a struggling comedian won't commit to marrying his long time girlfriend because he's not sure if marring her is the right thing to do.  But he gives in to popular pressure and he proposes.  To deal with the stress he feels, he begins sleepwalking and acting out in his sleep.  That's pretty much it.  I found him unlikeable. And the film as a whole was a lot of empty fluff.  For me, the only bright spot was Carol Kane.

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How am I supposed to get all my holiday reading done when you keep recommending all these movies?