Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who said the NRA didn't have a sense of humor

Good one Wayne.  That 'press conference' of yours yesterday was pure comedy gold.

You had a week to come up with a response to the latest mass shooting of innocent children and what did you do?  You came out and blamed movies, TV, and video games for the murder of those first graders and their teachers.  And as if that wasn't funny enough, you also now demand that every school in the USA have an armed guard.  Your big ideas are to blame others and to put more guns in our nation's schools?

See dude?  Your shit has us all laughing like fucking crazy.

Columbine had armed guards, they didn't help.  VA Tech had a SWAT team who had all sorts of guns, that didn't stop that armed man with a gun from shooting bunches of college kids.  Seriously, MORE guns?  God damn man, you slay us...literally.

Dude, have you not noticed that they watch violent movies in Australia and Japan?  And they play violent video games there too.  But gun related deaths and mass shootings like we have in the USA just don't happen over there in Australia or Japan.  Why is that?  Oh, lemme see, maybe it's because they have strong gun control laws and regulations?  Yeah.  That's it.

But hey guy, good show yesterday Mr. NRA Head.  Very funny.  Hilarious in fact.  But now that you got the joke out of the way, come back on Monday and be prepared to give us some substantial ideas like closing the gun show loophole, banning the sale and use of clips that contain more than 10 bullets, banning the sale and use of hollow point bullets, you know, shit like that.  And also, be prepared to pony up some cash for all the funerals and family counseling for the families who lost loved ones in mass shootings.

Come on man, do the right thing for once. 

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Kal said...

That press conference was such a pile of bullshit. They all make me sick. Unfortunately the NRA is a powerful lobby group and until we find pols who will stand up to these bullies, nothing will change. Australia, look to Australia.