Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My atheist Christmas

Once again God's idiot mouthpiece Pat Robertson got it wrong.  Atheists aren't miserable at Christmas, at least this one isn't.  Once I got rid of all the religious nonsense surrounding it, it became a much more joyous holiday.  People celebrated the winter solstice for thousands of years before Christianity was invented by men.  They celebrated it because it meant, in the northern hemisphere anyway, the slow but inexorable return of longer days and more sunlight.  They celebrated it by spending time with loved ones, both friends and family.  Then, when Christianity took hold, they co-opted all pagan and non religious holidays and they convinced people that these holidays were Christian in origin all along, which of course is nonsense, it was the other way around.

So they moved the day that people normally celebrated the season and they told people that they did it because Jesus was born on Dec. 25th.  They had to get people to stop doing what they'd been doing for thousands of years so they could put their stamp on things.  But more and more people are finding out that most all of what Christianity has done to our holidays has been a lie.  And that's a good thing.

As I've said before on here, we celebrate Christmas by putting up a tree, hanging lights, giving gifts to each other and to our friends.  We also get an angel off the angel tree at Sparky's work place, and no, this tree is not sponsored by or has anything to do with the homophobes at the Salvation Army.  And in the past few years, we've spent more on gifts for the 'angel' than we do on gifts for each other.  We have all the clothes and gadgets we need, so we'd rather make the holiday bright for a kid who might not get anything if we didn't pitch in and help.  We also give to Toys for Tots.

I'm not miserable at Christmas time, and I don't want to stop anyone from saying 'Merry Christmas' or celebrating the holiday in whatever way they choose.  I love Christmas, I love our tree, giving gifts, seeing friends, spending time with loved ones.  These people Pat Robertson has conjured up who hate Christmas, they're figments of his twisted and warped old mind.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Totally agree! I celebrate Christmas like I always have - tree, ornaments, decorations, gifts, food, family, friends - and that won't ever change. Has never been a religious holiday for me. I say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and they are said in the spirit of hoping others, no matter what they celebrate or don't, just have a good end of the year.

Robertson and those like him have this all made up in their heads, to go along with the image of Atheists and non-believers as minions of their Satan.

intelliwench said...

Agree for the most part, but I know one atheist who isn't particularly happy @ Christmas. My daughter's birthday is December 25 -- she gets the inevitable remarks about sharing her special day with Jesus, etc., and it kind of sucks that relatives used to wrap her birthday gifts in Xmas paper. Now she's lucky if they remember at all.

(Needless to say, I learned my lesson about having unprotected intercourse on St. Patrick's Day....)

gmb said...

I agree. Xmas is about food and family and friends. Baking cookies, perhaps finding something special for a few folks. I mean, Santa Claus...the opposite of everything ugly and miserable that religion throws at you, no?

Life As I Know It Now said...

right on man:)