Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet the face of class war in the USA

This wealthy bitch who supervised the layoffs of thousands of people while CEO at Hewlett Packard and nearly bankrupted the company before leaving with a huge severance package says that unions and public employees have too much power and are too rich.  That's right, she ran a major tech company into the ground, spent millions trying to buy a US Senate seat in California, and now she wants you to know unions and public employees have too much power and money.

Fuck her.  She's a horrible woman who is exactly what is wrong with the current Republican party.  She doesn't want to pay a cent more in taxes and she wants those who are already overburdened by taxes to pay more so she can pay even less.  She's got hers, and by gawd she'll use it to make sure you never get yours or any of hers.

Her hypocrisy is astounding and her greed knows no bounds.  If her cancer came back and killed her, I would not shed a single tear for her.


jadedj said...

Yep, she's a piece of shit for sure. Ayn Rancid spouting POS.

gmb said...

Glad you held no punches. She's a filthy sociopath and the world will be better off when she dies.