Monday, September 24, 2012

A Day with Debbie (remixed for Republicans!)

 Debbie was bored and she wanted to go out and have fun so she told her mom:
 "Mom, I'm getting the fuck out of Dodge for a while.  I need to let off some steam, take some drugs, do some vandalism, have an abortion, and incite voter fraud."

Her mom said, "That's fine honey, your out of work dad and I needed some some sexy alone time so we could make another baby that our big government overlords will have to feed because we take no personal responsibility for our lives or the children we bring into this world. Be sure to take your little brother with you or he might want to sex me up too.  On second thought, leave him here in case your meth addicted dad can't get it up.  Hail Obama!"

As soon as she got outside she saw some kids exercising and playing a game that the patriarchy uses to keep vaginal Americans oppressed, so she broke the game up and told the boys to follow her.  The lads were God fearing Jesus loving children but they were entranced by Debbie's out of control sexuality, so they meekly submitted and followed her.

 "Hey look!," cried one of the boys, "She's displaying and I'm getting a boner!"  "You mount her first," said the little Negro boy, "I might stretch her out with my big penis that I now plan to stick in every white female I see!" 
 But Debbie had other plans.  She pulled her dress down so the boys could not mate with her and she did that because she saw something in the bushes.  It was something that all feminists love and can not resist!  It was an illegal immigrant Mexican lesbian! 
Debbie and her Mexican lesbian friend cavorted through the neighborhood flaunting their sexual depravity while forcing others to become atheists, kill kittens, and to steal the Social Security checks and prescription medicine from white senior citizens.

After making a mockery of all that's right, true, and holy, Debbie said goodbye to her friends and she went home.  Her mother welcomed her home and then they went to a rich person's house and stole some food to make their lunch with.
After they ate lunch they enjoyed some hard core pornography, burned some Bibles, and wiped their lazy butts with an American flag while they prayed that Obama would always bless them with unemployment checks and that he'd keep supporting the war on Christmas.

So all in all, it was just another regular day in Debbie's inner city life. 


intelliwench said...

You're sick! -- I love it!!

SkylersDad said...

This? This was wonderful!

gmb said...

When does this hit the shelves at Barnes & Noble, because I think all the children in my family need to read this important book!

Mnmom said...

The GOP based the Romney campaign on this book.