Friday, July 27, 2012

Beware of Greeks making strange films (UPDATED)

A father and mother keep their three almost adult children locked away inside a palatial estate, they instruct them in not quite correct ways of behavior, and they teach them odd definitions of words.  Into this mix the father brings a young woman in to sex up his son, but on one trip the kid can't get it up and the woman seeks out one of the daughters and she convinces the girl to perform cunnilingus on her.  Later the daughter uses the act to wheedle some videotaped movies out of the woman and the daughter becomes entranced by the reality she sees in the films.  Once the father finds out, he get furious and he beats the woman and he forces his son to choose one of his sisters to provide him with the sex he was getting from the outsider.

Yeah, it's all pretty bizarre, strange, and very unsettling.  I won't say I liked this film, because I'm not sure if I did or not, it's that creepy.  I found the scenes where the father was being abusive to the women, and he abuses all of them in on way or another, to be very hard to watch and sickening.

I'm sure this film is symbolic on some levels because what it comes down to is the film is about control and the lengths some will go to keep it.  So, draw your own conclusions after you see it, and I do recommend you see it because it's so fucking odd.

If you've never been to the south and you insist on making derogatory comments about it by claiming the this film sounds like something your stereotype loving ass might find in the deep south, then please by all means kiss my ass.  Your 'joke' isn't funny and it shows you to be a clueless idiot.  Seriously, go fuck yourself if you think the south is the way it is portrayed in the corporate media. 

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